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Building a new home is a rewarding experience and a process that involves some important decisions. Having comfortable communication with your home builder is key. Comox Valley builder BryCyn Homes has over twenty five years of home building experience and many satisfied clients.

Comox Valley Builder - BryCyn Homes Building Process


Location: Choosing the location is the most important consideration when deciding to build a new home. The neighborhood you choose will influence your lifestyle as well as the value of your home so it has to “feel right”. Your real estate agent may be able to help you find the ideal neighborhood and help you to know what local services are available, the property taxes you’ll pay, as well as what’s “in the neighborhood” such as shopping, parks, schools, or restaurants.

Floor Plan: BryCyn Homes has hundreds of floor plans to choose from, or we can work with you to customize a floor plan that will fit your lifestyle perfectly. Maybe the design features of your new home are bright welcoming rooms for entertaining, a highly functional kitchen, or a luxurious master suite. Whatever features are important to you are important to us.

Pre-construction Consultation: At this stage the plans and elevations are confirmed, as some changes may need to be made in order to meet the regulatory requirements of zoning or lot clearing. We provide a site plan that is drawn to show the location of your house on the property and how it will look on your site. 

The Details: The choices of colour and style, fixtures, and trim are all part of what will make your new home completely unique and tailored to your tastes. As a well-established Comox Valley builder, we have very reliable suppliers and can offer a wide variety of customizing options. From the interior preferences of various woods, carpet, counter tops and plumbing fixtures to the external choices like window styles, siding, and roofing we have many samples to choose from.  Gather some ideas by taking a drive and noting the addresses of existing homes that appeal to your taste. We’ll do our best to find similar styles.

Signing the Contract: Once we know the details of what you’re looking for, BryCyn Homes will be able to give you a quote on costs and draw up a building contract. If it’s agreeable to you, both parties sign the contract and we begin the work to build your new home.


Once the contract is signed, BryCyn Homes will work with the appropriate local authorities to secure a building permit for your property.  As a reputable Comox Valley builder, this is usually a smooth process, and a time-saving reward for taking the time to thoroughly plan. Once the permit is issued, the construction can begin.

Building Site Preparation: It’s time to break ground! At this step, the site is cleared and graded in order to make room for the building process, and ensure favorable drainage.  A hole is excavated for the footings and foundation.

Footing and Foundation Construction: The local building inspector will need to be asked to inspect the progress of the building at various key stages of construction. The first stage that requires approval from the building inspector is the construction of the footings. As they influence the integrity of your home for years to come, it’s important to ensure that they meet industry standards before continuing with the building process.  

Framing: This is an exciting stage, when the building of your new home begins to take shape. The roof goes on and doors and windows are installed, the trusses and roofing material are put in place. Various sub-trades will also apply their certified expertise to the building of your new home.  As an experienced Comox Valley builder, BryCyn Homes has built great relationships with electricians, plumbers, and heating experts and will ensure that your new home will have access to the services you’ll need.  

Exterior Detail: The exterior details protect your home from the outdoor elements. Your  BryCyn Homes design may include different combinations of wood, brick or stone with the various styles of siding. This now brings the building to the “lock up” stage. 

The Interior Stage: These are the steps in the process where the personal tastes of your new home are really expressed. The floor plan comes to life as hallways now lead to rooms, accentuated by all of the details you’ve chosen. Your choices of  flooring, lighting, paint colours and trim all come together to express your individual taste and lifestyle.


Landscaping: Creating a welcoming feel for your home starts with the first impression of the exterior.  BryCyn Homes will do a complete lot grading and exterior clean up, and if landscaping was included in the building contract, it will be completed at this time, according to the specifications of your contract.

The Walk Through: The building inspector will do a final inspection and grant the building an occupancy permit. BryCyn Homes will clean the entire interior of the house in preparation of your own inspection, which will take place as you have the final walk through and orientation. You’ll receive a new home manual as a handy reference guide for the future maintenance of your new home. This is also an opportunity for you to note anything that needs to be addressed before your close your contract.

Done Deal!  Your new home is ready for occupancy, and a closing contract is signed. You now have a beautiful new home, and BryCyn Homes has another satisfied customer.  

Contact Comox Valley home builder Brycyn Homes to learn more about the property development services we provide to clients in the Comox Valley and other locations on Vancouver Island.

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